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The Customer Experience: Going Global While Keeping it Local

As businesses expand across the world, they often struggle to connect with customers in other countries. Language barriers and different cultural beliefs make this connection even harder. Keep reading to discover how your company can bridge this gap and establish a more familiar local relationship with customers from across the globe.

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We’re Attending ShopperFest THIS Weekend! Are You?

BARE International’s Jason Bare (Global Business Development Manager), Guy Caron (Vice President & Managing Director), and Michele Lawlor (Project Manager) will all be attending ShopperFest! Read more

BARE Focus – Customer Satisfaction

Think your business is leaving your customers satisfied? Does your customer service accurately represent your brand? Are your interactions consistent across platforms and stages? Read more

4 Steps to Ensure Employee Accountability

“How do I avoid a lawsuit after I terminate an employee?” Read more

ShopperFest 2017 is Nearly Here!

Only 15 days to go! Join us for one-of-a-kind education that only MSPA Americas can provide. Read more

BARE Industry Focus – Insurance Services

Insurance companies are under a tremendous amount of pressure to attract, reassure and retain members. According to a Accenture survey, 91% of insurers “believe that future growth depends on providing a special customer experience.” So it would appear that the industry has realized the current system is flawed and is actively interested in bridging the gap between average and exceptional. Read more

Above Ordinary Measurement

At many firms, customer service departments have become complaint departments, or a place to return purchases. Companies themselves seem aware of this problem, as they have spent years carefully measuring customer satisfaction and managing individual customer experiences. Read more

Chicago… You’re Invited THIS Sunday!

Hello Chicago Evaluators!

BARE International would love you to join us for a conversation about Mystery Shopping with BARE!  We’d like to hear from you what is working and where we can improve.  Read more

Come Along to the CXPA Insight Exchange!

What are YOU doing May 16-17? Join BARE International at the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) Insight Exchange in Phoenix, AZ! You will be exposed to world-class learning and networking with a unique approach to exchange and a focus on innovation. Read more

Service: The Ultimate Element

At BARE International, we use a variety of mediums to reveal the moment of truth when your customers interact with your brand. Other businesses come to BARE to find answers, which we are more than happy to provide. Read more